flashbacks from McLeod Ganj

a few months back i wrote about us buying fabric in McLeod Ganj. for anyone who didnt read it, to make a long story short: we lived for 3 weeks in the himalayas. we helped out a charity organization that helped give schooling for homeless kids. one day we donated money to buy fabric to make them clothing since they haven’t had new clothes pretty much ever. we left before we got to see the new clothing made. the post is here. i had pretty much forgotten all about it, until i got a newsletter from the organization the other day. in it, there was a photo of the kids wearing their new clothes. it was so heartwarming to see them all happy and smiling and well dressed….

4 thoughts on “flashbacks from McLeod Ganj”

  1. Great job Vlad! Really commendable. Makes me wish I’d left something more behind on some of my trips. Who knows. There’s always TOMORROW.

  2. yeah, i really wanted to help out in some way. i was actually hoping to do some volunteering that was a bit more long term than just helping out a bit here and there, but it didnt work out that way. maybe i’ll volunteer somewhere else later during the trip too…


  3. i just hope they keep smiling!! life has been so rough for those poor kids…

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