and 2 more…

ding ding ding!!!

wow, it seems like every time i look at the calendar, it’s been 2 more months that i’ve been on the road. it’s starting to seem almost weird that i’ve ever had a life different than this. how is it that i used to spend my days before this trip? sitting all day in front of a computer working? ew. anyways, here’s a quick recap of what i’ve done i the last 2 months:

I’ve had my backpack almost stolen on an indian train; I’ve worn a skirt… ahem, i mean a longyi; I’ve befriended a guy from myanmar who spent two days showing me around his city; I’ve been secretly slipped hand written pro-democracy notes while on a bus in a country ruled by a military dictatorship; i’ve seen a buddha statue taller han a 10 story building and another buddha statue as long as a football field; i’ve gone on a two day boat trip w/ a burmese family to a spirit festival that no other toursit has ben to before; i witnessed two fights in two consecutive days; i was invited to eat freshly caught fish at a fisherman’s house; i hung out at a lake where people grew gardens on the water and rowed boats w/ their feet; i went trekking and slept in the home of a villager; i met up w/ my friend Ryan from home; i got a new camera from my parents; i got to drive scooters around again; i saw caryn fall off a dive boat and have to get a dozen stitches; i met up w/ my friend Jason from back home; i spent an insane two days running around and spraying everyone w/ water during Thailand’s water festival; i’ve been blessed by a buddhist monk in a watt on top of a hill; i drank a singapore sling in the bar where it was invented; i’ve walked on the rim of an active volcano; i saw Caryn teach people in a remote village how to do the electric slide while listening to Ice Ice Baby; I saw the ferocious dragons of Komodo island; i scuba dived w/ Manta Rays and also saw an eel over 6 feet long.

heh, every new 2 months brings new adventures.

anyways, i do this every two months, so here it is again. if you’re out there and you are reading this, please comment to this post. put whatever you want in your comment. if you dont have much time or dont want to comment, then at least put hello. otherwise, i have no clue who’s reading!


20 thoughts on “and 2 more…”

  1. while i may not comment frequently, i do my best to keep up on your adventures! πŸ™‚

  2. ….and i’ve worked for the past two months…. (well, in prague – but without dragons – unless you count my political coworkers). enjoy it vladee!

  3. in the past two months I have bought my ticket to Japan.. I’ll see you out there!

  4. Are you kidding? I *WAIT* for your posts with great anticipation. πŸ™‚ Keep ’em coming!

  5. I was trying to get my Justin to wear the man-skirt. He’s not feelin it. Jealous about the komodo dragons. Smiling at the electric slide. (Caryn looks so cute in that picture, too).

    And: hello!

  6. I gave up on this thing ages ago… now if only I could stop checking it multiple times a day…

    your past two months have been great to read. I can’t believe its already been 8 months and you still have plenty more left.

  7. I continue to read every post and look forward to follow in your footsteps in the near future. I have my people and my peopleÒ€ℒs people following you. They are the ones that keep escaping your peripheral vision. They mean no harm. I just want to make sure you are not making all these wonderfull travel stories up.

  8. I check your journal just about every day Vlad. I’m addicted as well πŸ™‚

    Better watch out for Robert’s people’s people’s peoples, ….argh those guys. You never know what they might be up to. πŸ™‚ heh

    Heya, Mr. Burns! (insert sinister yellow faced guy’s picture here.) πŸ˜€

  9. hey vlad, i’m checking in a couple times a week to escape this windowless cube of mine!


  10. In the last two months, I’ve watched a lot of television. Woohoo! *Sigh* 😐

  11. i’m hooked! love your posts, you’re having an awesome adventure and i’m jealous.

  12. Brandon and I are still following your and Caryn’s adventure with great interest. We keep adding places to our itinerary after reading your awesome descriptions of them!

  13. Still reading and getting your email updates. The Japan entry caught my eye today … and I haven’t been able to stop reading for 1hr now (at work :!) In the past two months I bought airline tix to Barcelona. I’ll be spending two weeks in Europe for the Tour de France! Thanks for inspiring me to get off my ass and travel!!

  14. Just got caught up…so glad you hooked up with your brother without to much hassel. And the adventure continues……….Love to you and Caryn.

  15. I’m still here… just got back from a vacation… tiny two weeks compared to you all. and am almost caught up!

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