photos from ulan-ude and irkutsk

click here for all of my photos from Ulan-Ude and Irkutsk

here are some of them:

biggest lenin head ever in ulan-ude

church in ulan-ude

church in ulan-ude

wooden houses, ulan-ude

wooden houses, ulan-ude

wooden houses, ulan-ude

church, irkutsk

fuzzy plants, irkutsk

nice sunny day. are we really in siberia?

church, irkutsk

ornate door of a church in irkutsk

our picnic at baikal eating smoked Omul

lake baikal

angry cows take over the road


5 thoughts on “photos from ulan-ude and irkutsk”

  1. yeah, my allergies have been going crazy ever since i first got here! every morning i wake up and feel absolutely awful. oh, and your comment didnt go through because any comment w/ a url will need to be aproved by me first before going live, so as to combat spam!

  2. Ah I see about the url thing. After I posted the second time, I thought it was something like that! Not a bad idea!

    Allergies can really drag you down. Your next destination should aleviate that problem! 🙂

  3. Good pictures of Ulan-Ude, but for somebody who’s not familiar with the city and wants to know more it’d be better to see more on every picture – like forests etc.

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