call me??

so, oddly enough, for the next week, caryn and i have a cellphone. we’re in prague visiting yan, and he’s letting us borrow a phone. if you’re bored, and wanna give us a call, the phone number from the US would be: 011-42-0774-321-099. at least, i *think* that’s the number. potentially, if that doesnt work, leave out the “0” after the “42”.

oh, keep in mind.. there’s a huge time difference between pargue and the US. add nine hours to california time. to see what time it is in prague right now, click click here.

talk to ya soon… maybe!


2 thoughts on “call me??”

  1. Vlad…If you and Caryn feel like it…stop by the Globe Bookstore for a kava. Buy your Prague Post and let me know how the literati in Praha are these days. (I lived there from ’93-’96. Fortunately or unfortunately one of the “Americans on the Left Bank of the ’90’s”.)(Too bad you couldn’t have met Alan Levy from the Prague Post. He really could’ve shown you around.) Hope you have a GREAT week in Prague!

  2. actually, we did go to the globe for lunch the other day. the food was realy good!

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