annoying connections

we had spent ages trying to figure out how to get to ethiopia. flights to africa arent cheap! after searching for ages, we finally found some cheap tickets that originated from london. annoyingly enough, the flight went from london to frankfurt to ethiopia. frankfurt is pretty close to prague, so it would have been really convenient for us to just skip the london-frankfurt part of the flight. but, of course, the airlines wouldn’t allow it. so lame. i really don’t get why they have such strict rules about these things. you would think that if we didnt take one leg of our flight, it would actually *benefit* them since they could sell those seats to someone else. but no.

well, we left buying tickets to london until the last minute, and unfortunately there were no cheap tickets left! so we had to buy $160 tix to london. once in london, we had to pay 40$ *each* just to take the bus from the airport into town!! i couldn’t believe it! 40$?! we had just paid 50$ to get halfway across Europe from latvia to prague, and now we were paying 40$ just to get from the airport to town! after that, we had to pay like 5$ each to ride the tube to our hotel. the hotel itself wasnt cheap, so there goes another 70$. ugh… the UK is so damn expensive. it’s absolutely ridiculous!

so, in the end, those “cheap” tickets to africa, probably weren’t all that cheap when you factor in all the extra costs we had to go through just to get on that flight. not to mention what a pain in the ass it was to spend half a day traveling from Prague just to get to london and then spend the whole following day flying again to get to ethiopia. *sigh*


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  1. Where are you now and have you established a homebase? I leave for Kenya tomorrow night, i should arrive early the following morning.

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