and here i am

it’s November 14th which means I’ve finished yet another two months on this trip. when I left, I wasn’t even sure if I could make it a whole year. when I hit the 1 year mark, I thought for sure I would be going home soon. well, now it’s been 14 months on the road. I’m still out here. crazy. surprisingly, traveling just doesn’t really get old. each new country continues to be exciting and incredible in its own way. here I am in south America, the last continent on my trip, and each day is still a new adventure. 14 whole months of nonstop fun.

it also means that I’ve spent 14 months writing about my travels in this blog. I started off updating pretty much every day. lately I’ve been writing a little bit less frequently, but still trying to post as much as I can. it’s funny, sometimes I feel like there are all sorts of people reading my blog… friends, family, and people I’ve never met in real life. other times I feel like I’m pretty much just writing for myself… which is ok too. but still, if you’re out there and reading, I’d love to know. be sure to leave me a comment at the bottom of this post. actually, this will be my last “2 month update” since I am practically positive that I will not be out for longer then two more months.

in the past, each two months I’ve written down a list of all the things I’ve done over the last 2 months. last time I didn’t though since it was my one year anniversary of being on the road and I wanted to write something a bit more interesting that just a long list. anyways, now I’ll post both lists….

in the previous two months: I saw Telepomusik perform at an outdoor festival in st Petersburg; saw the ballet Swan Lake in one of Russia’s most famous theaters; hung out w/ my friend Yan at his house in Prague; went to a church with lots of sculptures made out of bones; got new glasses and lost them; slept in an Ethiopian brothel; saw Ethiopian tribes people with huge 3 inch wide piercings in their lips; hitched rides on Ethiopian cargo trucks; saw a traditional ceremony where people get whipped repeatedly to show devotion; impressed and horrified Ethiopians with my tongue piercing; took a bus through sketchy rebel country where there had been a massacre a few weeks prior; met up with Joey; went on safari in the Serengeti where I saw lions, elephants, giraffes, etc; braved Kenya’s vast hooker population; saw a leopard, rhino, and more in NgoroNgoro crater; had a rifle waved at me at a hidden compound in the jungle; and chilled out on Zanzibar island.

in these last two months: I got the worst shave ever by an incompetent barber in Nairobi; I slept in an airport; I was horrified to spend one day back in the USA; I saw several hundred thousand penguins building their nests; I saw a rare species of black and white dolphin; I visited the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia; I barely survived a crazy hike in Tierra del Fuego Park; I exhausted myself on a 4 day trek in Torres del Paine; I spent 4 hours exploring a gigantic glacier; I saw one of the world’s most impressive waterfalls in Iguazu; I drank lots of Matè; I learned a little Spanish; I saw countless flamingos, huge salt flats, blood red lakes, and bizarre rock formations near Uyuni; and I saw llama fetuses, dried out frogs, herbs, and potions for sale I the witches market in La Paz.

not bad for 4 months time, eh?

one of the most common questions I’m being asked now is: when are you coming back?! I always respond with “when the money runs out”, to which people ask “well, when is that?”. the answer is I dunno. it’s always really hard to tell how long money will last. sometimes I spend way more money than anticipated, sometimes I spend less. it all really depends. currently, the bank account holds $4,000 for the two of us. whenever that account gets down to only 1,000, we turn around and take the next plane/bus/whatever to get back home.

can’t be much longer…


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  1. 14 months! It all makes me a bit sad because we were on a similar timeline and now I’ve been home longer than I had been away.

  2. i just wanted to let you know im still reading and enjoying your travels. I hope your money holds out for a good long time lol i love both your and caryn’s sites so please keep them up and have one hell of a time.

  3. i’m here. i’ve got new projects lined up that will need your expertise…

  4. just fun to read another travelers fun. I’ve done my share
    of travels and know the incredible experiences. just a blast
    to read your experiences. The best of luck!

  5. Still reading, and sad that you are coming home soon ’cause I enjoy reading your blog so much!
    We leave for our RTW in a month….can’t wait!


  6. Have been reading your blog since we met in Jerusalem last Nov. and a lot of my friends do also. So keep on writeing and say hello caryn (you should think about publishing a book)

  7. Bah, I’m sure Ray can feed you some *remote* projects 😉 We’re still reading (and amazed with) your posts here at CR! Keep on trekin’. Link from Technorati … nice!

  8. Still reading but missing Caryns side of the travels. Hope you both are on the road to recovering from the illness’

  9. You still have my attention! I feel priviledged to have been able to share in yours and Caryn’s adventures through your blogs. My only regret is that I didn’t get to meet the two of you in person. Telecommuting just doesn’t quite cut it. 🙂

  10. I know when you don’t get a lot of comments on every post it can feel like you’re just writing for yourself. Rest assured, you’ve got a lot of people happily following along (vicariously of course) on your adventures!

  11. Hey there,
    I´m one of the random people whom you don´t know but always reads your journal.I always travel but was never able to keep a journal so I´m pretty much impressed with your dedication and discipline. I´ve been reading your journal since France…never left a comment(I´m a bit lazy), but I really have a good time reading yours and Caryn´s page. So far the creepiest moment…that would have to be Tomaz. I´ve told some of my traveller friends here in Brazil about your page so you and Caryn are pretty much known in some of the Brazillian states.Good luck with the rest of yor trip. Hope you have a great time.


  12. You don’t know me, but I am regularly reading your blog. Keep it up

  13. Still reading and following the adventure. Enjoy the time you have left. Love to you both.

    Suzi, Tom and Billy

  14. Hi there– I’ve sarted reading your blog since Africa. It’s been a GREAT inspiration reading about your trip. My husband and I are getting ready to do the same. We’re leaving in mid-January 06. We’re starting in South America. Thanks for sharing!
    Ana, from Southern California

  15. Hi Vlad,
    I’m still checking in every several days (especially when I don’t hear from Caryn) to make sure you are both safe and well. Thanks for sharing your amazing and wonderful adventure with all of us!
    Love and miss you both,
    Linda (Mom)

  16. Dude, I totally read yours and Caryn’s blogs every day! I just suck at commenting…

    Lora (in sunny San Diego)

  17. Wow, reading your posts is still so exelerating! One cannot even begin to fully understand all that you have experienced.

  18. wow vlad, you’re like a superstar! all sorts of people reading about your daily life for the past year. i don’t think anyone would keep reading about me for more than a week or two. someone even recommended that you publish a book! that is crazy… although it does kinda seem like the natural thing for you to do back in the US until you two can head out again.

    but yes, the point is that i’m still reading (instead of doing research, because i’m a bad person).

    hello to caryn.


  19. hi, vlad. got your link from the thorn tree forum. ive only been catching up to your middle east travels–almost exactly a year ago!–because im going there myself very soon. very interesting and inviting…but also very much a big tease. hope you continue to have fun on your trip!

  20. Well Vlad, where are you? I see Caryn went to NY for Thanksgiving and am guessing she went home from there? Where in the world is Vlad? 🙂 How are the both of you?

  21. I coulda sworn I posted a few days ago asking where in the world is Vlad. Where are ya?

  22. Hi Vlad,
    Just thought I’d say hi. It seems so long ago that we were on that safari in the Maasai Mara, but I remembered your url and have been checking up on your progress every now and then. It seems so strange – here I am about to go to work on a wintry December morning in England and you’re still travelling. There is only one thing I can say – Kol Hakavod – a Jewish expression, meaning I guess all credit and strength to you. You must have seen so much and learnt so much in all the various places you have been. So good luck for the final stage of your trip and hi to Caryn.
    Best wishes,

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