how much did it all cost?

during this year on the road, whenever i told people that i was traveling for over a year, many of the people just couldn’t believe that it would be possible to travel for that long. how could i afford such a thing? was i rich or something? one of the most common questions i would get was “how much did this whole thing cost you?” some people asked just out of curiosity. others asked because they too hoped to someday travel for a long time. trying to plan out and figure out the cost of such a long trip is a bit of a daunting task.

the answer to how much a year on the road would cost really depends on each person. there are a million factors to consider. will you be spending most of your time in expensive places like Europe? or will you be mostly traveling in 3rd world countries where people can get by on just 20$ a day? also, a lot depends on your travel style. $1,000 could probably buy you a really nice all inclusive tour in Thailand for a *week*, but if you went to Thailand on your own and only stayed in budget hostels, that same $1000 could probably last you a whole *month*.

basically, if you play your cards right, you can travel for a very long time on very little. after calculating my expenditures, it turned out that the amount of money i spent during 14 months on the road (including flights, food, hotels, etc) was far less than *half* of what i would have spent living here in the USA. travel can be surprisingly cheap! anyways, i put together a page of how much money i spent on this trip broken down by country, just so people could get an idea of how much a trip like this could possibly cost.

here is my costs page for the whole trip.


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  1. Thanks Vlad. This is rare and much appreciated information.

  2. So, I’m curious… what does the “extra spend” include? I’m sure things like safaris would qualify but what would be an extra spend in India?

  3. i really wish that i had decided form the very beginning what exactly i would consider “extra” and what wouldn’t be. unfortunately i didnt, so marking things as “extra” was fairly haphazard. basically, whenever something was really expensive and out of the ordinary, i would mark it as an extra. for instance, if meals in a country typically cost 5$, and we one night go all out and get a 80$ meal or something, adding in that 80$ meal would really skew the figures for our daily spend… so i would mark it as extra. or if we did an expensive activity like scubadiving or something, that would be an extra too. in india, our extras were:

    (for 2 people)
    indian visa $120
    tickets to Sting concert 95$
    fancy meal 95$
    meditation course 93$
    charity donation 300$
    pashminas 200$
    2 safaris 90$
    anniversary dinner 135$
    books 50$


  4. Travel as soon as the economy craps out!? You gotta hit it when your money is still worth something. Don’t wait until amerika hits “peak oil”. I’m planning on traveling big time this spring.

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