Bar#1 Whiskey Thieves

I wish i could say that i started this resolution out with a bang. unfortunately though, i started it by going to a bar at 6pm which obviously isn’t the liveliest and most fun time to check out a bar. why was i out drinking at 6pm? well, if you’ve got a resolution to hit up 50 new bars in one year, and you’re sitting around doing nothing, then hell, why not?

I chose whiskey thieves because it’s in the Tenderloin. Actually, i have a feeling that i might end up going to the Tenderloin a lot this year since it’s a neighborhood i really haven’t explored at all. yeah, it’s one of the most sketchy, filthy, and uninviting areas in SF and lots of people avoid it like the plague, but I get the feeling that there are really some cool hidden spots over there that don’t get the credit they deserve just because of their location.

in front of the bar, they had their logo shimmering and lit up through galvanized steel, which was a pretty cool effect and kind of had a techno-pirate kind of feel to it. inside, there was more galvanized steel along the wall and the place actually looked a bit fancy to be just another dive bar. as the name implies, this place is all about whiskey and they actually have a four page whiskey menu with a ton of different kinds. unfortunately, i couldn’t tell a $50 whiskey shot from a hole in the ground, and the only whiskeys i recognized on the menu were Jack Daniels and his other cheap-ass friends. I’ve drank my fair share of Jack, so i decided to try his cheapo friend called George Dickel, which ended up being pretty good. Other than whiskey, this place had a bunch of beers on tap including Chimay, and also sold my favorite beer, Hoegaarden, which you can’t find in a lot of places. Actually, just the fact that this place has Hoegaarden makes it good in my book, now if they could only get it on tap…

Like i said, it was only 6pm, and the bar had just opened for the night, so it was pretty dead. there were probably only like 5 other people in the place, so the three of us just sat around at a table and drank. the place had a pool table which we didnt try, and apparently Tom’s favorite pinball game ever, which we didnt get to try either since it was mysteriously unplugged soon after we arrived. they also had one of those tech jukeboxes that downloads songs off the internet, so we ordered a few songs, although it was kind of a rip off at $1.00 per song. our songs didnt play till about a billion songs later, which is weird cause i never saw anyone put a ton of money into the jukebox. i read later that Whiskey Thieves is one of the few bars in SF where you are allowed to smoke, but we weren’t sure of this at the time since there were some no smoking signs posted.

Anyways, overall i thought this place was really cool. the drinks were decently strong, selection of beer was good, and it seems like it’d be a fun place to hang out later in the night when there are more people. hopefully I’ll go back there some day and check it out again…

Whiskey Thieves is at 839 Geary St.


8 thoughts on “Bar#1 Whiskey Thieves”

  1. Dude. I admire your New Year’s resolutions and in the spirit of things, I’d like to recommend a few bars in the city that I’ve always wanted to go to but didn’t get a chance. Can readers write in with suggestions? 🙂

    Ok. There’s this biker bar on Geary and low teens ave (maybe 10th or 11th) called JJ’s. It’s right next to a head shop and a thrift store. Total hole in the wall.

    The other one is on Geary and maybe 17th. Right on the corner. It’s an Irish pub and they have a cool stained glass window and green lettering for the name. Flannigan’s, I think.

    p.s. Get Caryn to update her journal!

  2. #1. I’m pretty sure you drank jack the whole time.
    #2. You’ve been to Flanegan’s. It’s that bar where we had a huge drink with four people and six straws. We stopped on our way to that party where you bitched out the cab driver 🙂

  3. yeah, people should totally suggest bars. that woule make it a lot easier for me to find new ones. i’ll probably go check those 2 places out!

  4. #1 you’re wrong. maybe you were too drunk?
    #2 i doubt it. why would we have been to some place way out in the richmond? that’s not really on the way to anything. and i wanna say that bar wasn’t called flannegans. but you could be right… my memory of that night isn’t too good…


  5. I got it! It’s called Blarney Stone on Geary and 20th. White building, green lettering, stained glass window. Uh.. at least that’s what it looked like about 10 years ago. Damn, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in the city.

  6. Not sure what kind of places you have been to already, so here’s a random assortment, although there are many more! There’s a place on 3rd Street right near Market called Dave’s–very weird mix of clientele, but cheap and entertaining. I’ve only been there right after work, but it was pretty crowded. I vaguely remember they serve some food, too. Oh and check out the London Wine Bar, on Sansome near Sacramento. Down in the basement, dark, not as pretentious as you might expect. Also an after work sort of place. And if you haven’t been to the Dovre in the Mission, check it out! On Valencia and 26th–it’s my old neighborhood bar, with a pool table and good jukebox. Another good neighborhood-y place is The Valley Tavern, on 24th Street (near… Castro?) in Noe Valley. They have Lagunitas, one of my faves, on tap, a pool table, and outdoor seating.

  7. nice, thanks for the advice! i’ll definitely check out some of the places. especially the London wine bar, that sounds cool and i’m not sure if i’ve ever been to a wine bar here. last week was whiskey, this week it’s vodka, maybe next week it’ll be wine?


  8. I think the wine bar idea is great… I heard about this one on the radio a few weeks back… Hopefully I can remember it…

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