another request from ethiopia

wow, the guy from ethiopia who i mentioned in my previous post will not let up. yesterday i got yet another email from him. now he wants a dictionary. when will he ever stop?


How are you? I am fine with my college of Addis Ababa. I am take your email letter is nice but you are not Reply to me all of them.
Would you like to help me school materially? If you want to help me send this Dictionary to me?
1. Ox ford Advanced learner’s Dictionary Fifth edition, EditorbyJonathan Crowther. Sand to me by the following address
To Basure Debebe
Addis Ababa College of
Technology and commerce
P.O. Box 180501
Addis – Ababa
Please accept my letter. Reply to me on this week?

Yours Basure

8 thoughts on “another request from ethiopia”

  1. Require that he sign a promissory note (for the price of the book) notorized by an attorney from a reputable law firm that can be reached for varification. And include re-payment terms or, change your email address.

  2. Hi Vald
    Just block this guy. Surprised you haven’t done it yet.

  3. heh, unfortunately in countries like ethiopia, i highly doubt that anyone could be held legally responsible for signing pretty much anything. this guy lives in a village that doesn’t even have electricity… there wont be any attorneys running around there trying to round him up!


  4. well, he’s actually sent me 3 emails so far. the two asking for money that i posted here, and one wishing me a merry christmas. i responded to the christmas one wishing him a merry christmas too.


  5. yeah, i’m sure i’ll block him eventually. in a way, i’m actually kind of interested in hearing what he has to say though…

  6. Let me save you the time and trouble.

    “Please if you are my friend, send me money or send me stuff that I can sell for money. thank you rich american who I want to feel guilty for me living a poor life and you live a rich life. I just want to better myself through education (or by selling the stuff that you think will help me). Thank you rich american friend.”

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