Bar#0 Elixir

This new year’s resolution might end up being a lot harder than i thought it would be. first off, not living is SF makes it a lot more difficult to go out to bars there. second, it’s sometimes hard convincing others to go out to new bars. and third, something that i never considered before is that it might be hard to figure out which bars are new ones…

(it’s hard to keep my hands steady..)

Last week Tom, Natasha, and i went to a bar called Elixir. i read about it online and it sounded pretty cool. we get to the bar, order some drinks and only after a while do i all of a sudden think to myself “wait a minute… i’ve been here before!”. yeah, it turns out that a few years ago, we had come to this bar on NYE for 15 or 20 minutes. i had totally forgotten about that. so, now i can’t count this bar. crap… i wonder how often this is going to happen? there probably have been many other bars that i’ve gone to on random drunken nights, when everything becomes a bit blurry, and names of bars become forgotten. how many bars have i been to that i just dont know about?!

Anyways, i may as well write about the Elixir anyways. actually, i think i’ll just write about all the bars i go to from now on, regardless if they make it into the fifty new bars category.

Elixir was a pretty cool place. very small, with pretty much only bar stools to sit on either at then bar or at high tables. the vibe was pretty relaxed and the crowd was an odd mix of dive bar patrons and people dressed really nice wearing suits. the thing that i thought was pretty interesting about this place was that on Wednesday nights, anyone can be a guest bartender. basically, they sign up for a certain night, and are expected to try to get hella people to come to the bar. then, on the Wednesday you chose, you come and bartend with up to 4 of your friends. half of the tips made that night then go to a charity of your choice. i think that’s a pretty cool idea… it would be so fun to serve drinks one night at bar. the guest bartender that night was pretty crazy… spilling drinks all over the place, screaming at people, dropping the girl he worked with on the floor, and convincing me to drink some random monkey drink that i have no clue what was in it.

One thing that’s pretty crazy about Elixir is that it’s super old. i guess the place has been around for like 130 years. Other than that, i can’t really think of anything notable about the place. it was chill and seemed like a good place to hang out, but nothing crazy special. after a few drinks, we headed out to another bar…

Elixir is at 3200 16th Street in San Francisco

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