viva las vegas

the last weekend of february, i went to Vegas. man, i’ve been to Vegas a ton of times now, yet somehow it never gets old. actually, if anything, i’d say that this last trip was even more fun than usual. there was a large group of us who went, 12 people, and that made it hella fun. w e had three rooms and all of us kept switching off hanging out in each other’s various rooms, drinking day and night, going to clubs, and gambling. every single night there we stayed up till at least 5am and it was constantly party time.

chris taught me how to play craps and it was way fun. the cool thing about the game is that the fate of everyone around the table is in the hands of the guy rolling the dice. if he gets a good roll, instantly everyone makes a ton of money, so there is always all sorts of excitement and yelling around the craps table. there are sooo many rules to this damn game though. i still only understand the very basics, but it’s still fun to play. the rest of my gambling was done on roulette. this has always been my game of choice. ridiculously easy to understand, and the odds of winning (if you bet on red/black) are way good. it’s all too easy to see your 10$ bet bump up to 20, then 40, then 80 and next thing you know you have 160$ sitting in front of you. unfortunately, it’s always impossible to say “stop”, so soon enough (possibly after just one bet), you’re back to 0. lately i’ve also started betting the numbers as well at the roulette table, which is riskier, but the payback is great.

the thing with gambling is that if you dont set yourself a limit, you will never stop. luckily, i set myself a 200$ limit, and when it was all gone, i didnt gamble any more. not bad for three days in Vegas. the one thing that totally shocked me was that in some casinos, coins no longer fall out of the slot machines. instead, they print out a stupid little receipt. that is so weak. part of the fun in slots (what little fun there is) is seeing all the coins rain down when you win. i want 40 quarters to come tumbling out of the machine… not a printed coupon for 10$. it’s actually almost eerie how quiet it is in the casinos because of this. you walk though and no longer hear the constant “ching ching ching” sound of falling coins. it totally takes away from the atmosphere.

one thing that i find really interesting is how Vegas is a fun place to go for practically everyone out there. you’ll see people who look like they’re filthy rich and then see others who just look filthy. you’ll see men in tuxedos next to guys wearing baggy hip-hop clothing next to frat boys next to punk rock guys with Mohawks next to families walking arm in arm. there’s everyone ranging from 21 year olds celebrating their right to drink to aging senior citizens playing the penny slots. people of all different ethnicities and from all different countries. some come here for the food, others for the gambling, others for the partying, and still others for none of the above. it’s a city built on gambling, and yet even people who dont gamble whatsoever still enjoy it. it really is an amazing town.


7 thoughts on “viva las vegas”

  1. Dude! Vegas was a blast. We should make it an annual trip, yo! >:)

  2. i love craps! i learned how to play last year, and it was awesome.. my boyfriend won like a $1000 in one night… it’s kinda hard to loose at that game… but i guess when you do loose, often times you loose big…

  3. yeah, your chances are definitely pretty good, out of all the possibilities you just gotta avoid 7/11.

  4. Hey! Update on the Kitty Psychic, please. I’m dying to know if the cat stopped pooping on the floor and how it all went down. Update, update, update. =)

  5. Vegas was too much fun… I’m down to make it a semi-annual trip…

    In the mean time, we got Reno Baby!!!

  6. Dude, I’d be down to make it a monthly trip….but that’ll never happen….I guess I can settle for semi-annual…

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