Bar#9 Dog’s bollix

Dog’s Bollix is an Irish bar that we just stumbled into at the end of a night. now, this wasn’t your cheezy “hang some shamrocks on the wall” kind of Irish bar. this place was hardcore Irish with war posters on the wall, old flags, coat of arms, jerseys, etc. the bartender had an Irish accent. this was the real deal. we had come here fairly late, only half an hour till closing, so there weren’t a ton of people there or anything, but the place still had a warm friendly vibe. it totally seems like the kind of place where you could come all the time after work and chat with the bartenders. also, unlike the crappy Rockit room next door which had “last call” fairly early and jerks were yelling at me to leave as I closed out my tab, this place served us drinks practically right up until 2am. nice!!

The Dog’s Bollix is at 408 Clement St in San Francisco


2 thoughts on “Bar#9 Dog’s bollix”

  1. Is 2am when all the bars close? In Chicago you can buy different liscences–anywhere from 2-6am. So when the 2am bars close everyone moves on to 4am places.

  2. sadly enough, 2am is the last call for alcohol anywhere you go in SF. there are a *small* handful of nightclubs that stay open later than that, but they stop serving alcohol at 2am anyway.

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