(Slightly) Obsessed

for years now, I’ve tried to avoid watching the show 24. I watched part of an episode when the first season came out, and knew that if I got into the show that I would become completely addicted to it. somehow I was able to resist the temptation, and no matter how many good things I heard about the show, I avoided it. well, this year I made the mistake of watching a full episode, and as predicted, I couldn’t tear myself away from then on. every single Monday I have to see what happens. the show is so crazy and suspenseful that during the first few episodes I watched, my stomach literally hurt from being so tense. the show has so many plot twists that I am always on the edge of my seat and at the end of the hour, can’t wait till next Monday so I can see more.

this weekend caryn, Natasha, and I decided to rent the first season of 24. I had a feeling that if we watched even one episode, we’d end up watching the whole season in one weekend. once you start, you just can’t stop. well, I was right. during just one weekend, we watched almost 20 hours of 24. Friday night we watched from 9pm till almost 4 in the morning. we got up Saturday morning and watched a bunch more, and then Sunday we watched the last 2 discs until past midnight. wow. I have never watched this much TV in just 3 days. it was utterly ridiculous, but we just couldn’t tear ourselves away. each time an episode ended, we would have our finger on the play button to start the next one, or we’d have the next disc in hand ready to pop it in the second the last one finished.

it really was pretty ridiculous… but worth it. now I still have 3 more seasons that I haven’t watched. I don’t think I can waste an entire weekend to just sitting in front of the TV again, but I’m sure I can watch maybe a third of a season per weekend or something. the addiction continues…

(by the way, if you comment on this post… PLEASE don’t give *anything* away about any of the episodes)


4 thoughts on “(Slightly) Obsessed”

  1. Dude, I totally went through the same thing. Chris and I rented one season after another, and honestly it was sort of disturbing how addictive the show was. Personally, I’m a lot more keen on the previous seasons. Having seen every single fucking episode, there are so few surprises at this point. Plus, I was way more attached to the other characters.

    Just wait until you watch more – it’s crazy! 😀

  2. yeah, i think that’s the thing… it’s not that certain seasons are better than others, i think it’s the order that you watch it in. the first season you see, regardless of which one it is, you’ll be totally shocked and blown away by all the crazy plot twists (moles, jack’s lovers fighting, jack being fired, shakedowns at CTU, etc etc). when you watch another season, you see that a lot of these plot elements are repeated, so you dont get as shocked by them. i’m sure that by the time you’ve seen 5, a lot of the stuff is old hat. for you, season 5 is seasons 1-4 repackaged, while for me it’s this crazy out-of-control and original thing.


  3. Be sure and see the HBO series the Sopranos or The Wire. Much better in my opinion.

  4. yeah, i’m totally into the sopranos. such a great show. this season has been *crazy*.

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