Bar#17 Amber

Amber is a cool liitle bar in the Castro. well, actually it just seems little when you look at it from the outside. onse inside though, it turns out that therere’s actually lots of space and there are couches everywhere for people to sit on. this place seemed like a really nice mixture of a lot of things. there was fun music playing, yet not so loud that it would drown out everyones talking. the place looked nice and semi-slick in some ways, yet was totally relaxed and didnt give off that stuffy vibe at all. the crowd seemed very mixed: everything from people who were dressed up to people looking gritty, from hip-hop types to indie kids to everything in between. everyone seemed to be having a good time too. you could get fruffy coctails or you could drink pbr. basically, this place was a little bit of everything. unfortunately i ahd a cold so i had to go home early, but i definitely wanna go back again…

Amber is at 718 14th Street in San Francisco

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