Bar#33 – Bow Bow Coctail Lounge

everyone’s definition of a dive bar is different. i’ve been amazed in the past at the kind of places that some people consider to be dives. well, when it comes to the Bow Bow, i’m sure everyone could come to an agreement that it’s one of the diviest places around. the place is dirty and hazy from all the smoking going on inside it. peanut shells are scattered over the floor from the free peanuts served on the bar (watch out for the funky boiled ones, yuck!). at the far side of the room, people are screaming karaoke at the top of their lungs. man, even 5 drinks later, that karaoke still sounded horrific.

the patrons here we serious drunks. there was the drunk woman at the bar who stood up of her stool and then just crumpled onto the floor… she had to be helped up by the bartender, and then just sat their passed out till someone came in the bar, and carried her out. two wasted guys at the bar sat there and heckled everyone who passed by at the top of their lungs until they were threatened to be killed by a passerby. there was the vagrant who came in to demand money from the bartender. and of course, there were two guys who were obssesed with trying to get everyone to do karaoke and they called tom “cupcake”.

so, yeah, this place was quite an experience. we all loved it and definitely want to go back. never a dull moment in that place. the bartender “Candy” was super friendly and kept pushing more and more beers on us. then, when tom asked for a free one, she just said “sure” and gave him a free beer. free beer?! yes, that’s right.. free beer… truly amazing.

Bow Bow Coctail Lounge is at1155 Grant Avenue in San Francisco

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  1. I’m not CUPCAKE dammit… And, it was a free whiskey-coke… I love free drinks…

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