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dayum, this post is like 2 months late. i turned 30 this year. yup, 30. in my mind, that’s just insane. 30 has always seemed so old to me. like, your 20s are this nice in between age where everything is still ok, but 30 year olds… that’s straight up adult. 30 year olds are grown ups who are serious and have careers etc. i keep feeling like there’s some weird mistake.. there’s no way i could be that age. i’m still a young guy… right? so, as it got closer and closer to my birthday, i was really not looking forward to it. luckily, i figured out a foolproof plan to get through it:

1) avoid thinking about it as much as possible
2) spend the last 2 weeks leading up to your birthday having a blast in a foreign country (distraction)
3) arrive home on the day before your birthday and have a huge party (be sure to get really drunk)
4) spend your birthday recovering from the day before and celebrate all over again
5) home free! it’s all in the past now!

ok, i’m kind of kidding… well, partially.

my birthday celebration was hella fun. we rented this party bus that drove us all around the city. there’s something really cool about being driven around the city and being able to party it up the whole time. the bus had a soundsystem inside, natasha rocked her ipod, and everyone got trashed. we went to a bunch of bars, and also stopped by levis plaza for a little bit to have cake. the cake was bomb… but a damned security guard kicked us out of the plaza soon enough. we ended the night at the beach.

here’s some photos that i stole from natasha’s site:

i couldn’t have had too much to drink?

some more photos at natasha’s site


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