into the unknown…

a couple weeks back, out of the blue, someone who used to be my boss emailed me and asked me if i was interested in switching jobs. he was creating a new startup and wanted to know if i was down to work there. he told me a little bit about the plan for the website etc, and it really sounded like it could take off. i was definitely interested…

…but should i take the job? on one hand, i loved my current job at consumerreview. working as a contractor, i had ultimate freedom, could take as much vacation as i ever wanted, worked as many or as few hours as i pleased, the people i worked with were hella cool, and the salary was damn good. if i took the job offer, i would end up working more hours since startups are always really hectic and also, after doing the math, it turned out that i would be taking a steep paycut. hrmmmm, the typical startup life… working more hours for less money… sounds good, right? but still… the thought of trying something new was really intriguing to me. starting a new company and new website from the ground up sounded really exciting. i struggled w/ the decision for a while… but the more i thought about it, the more i was tempted to go for it.

taking this job seemed like quite a risk… so many startups just dont make it. at the same time, their idea did seem like one that could really be successful. plus, if there’s ever a time to take risks, it’s when you’re younger. i wouldn’t necessarily be able to jump into an opportunity like this when i’m say 40 years old and have to worry about mortgages etc etc. finally after a little negotiating, i decided to go for it. i just couldnt pass this up.

so, here i go… off into the unknown. i’ve been working at the same company for the last 7 years or so, and i’ve become very comfortable w/ everything there… it’s time to push my limits and see what i can do in a totally brand new environment. wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “into the unknown…”

  1. Don’t underestimate what you can do at forty with a mortgage. I co-founded a startup that went IPO a year later right around that magic bullet and I was one of the kids. And since I’m leaving in 5 days on an all-girl surfing trip to Mexico — I would argue you can still have fun too.

  2. wow, you are pretty hardcore! hopefully i’ll still be doing cool stuff at 40 as well!

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