i made it to vietnam!!!

the journey here was so exhausting. 14 hour flight to hong kong. the seat in front of me was broken so it was falling into my lap, the food was some of the worst airline food of all time (they actually served cup of noodle instead of one of the meals?!), the service was surly, and the sound stopped working 80% of the way thru the inflight movie. 14 hours later, we got off in hong kong, exhausted and slightly delirious. after a painful wait, we flew the last few hours to vietnam.

but anyways, WE’RE HERE!! i’m so excited! after a full night of sleep, i cant wait to go out, explore, and try my first bowl of Pho!


29 thoughts on “i made it to vietnam!!!”

  1. Woo Hoo! Congrats on surviving the endurance-test that is travel from the US to Vietnam. Where are you now? Ho Chi Minh City? I’ll e-you soon with some must-sees from our visit.

  2. Y’know Vlad, you do NOT give your friends much notice that you’re doing these side trips. 🙂

    Have a blast, and bring me back something expensive!

  3. Yay! Glad you made it safe and sound. Doooood, I’m soooooooo sorry I didn’t get to see you and Caryn off on Friday. You guys will be missed! 🙁

  4. awesome dude! have a good time – and let me know what you think of heroes 🙂

  5. Homey! I have been and you need to listen. If you can be sure to visit Hoi An. Some of the best food and a great place to have custom clothes made. I hope you are in the North as Hanoi and the island of Cat Ba should not be missed. Drink lots of snake wine. It will make you a real man.

  6. Congrats cuz!!!
    By the way, I second Yan’s comment- how was heroes??

  7. ho chi minh city. flying out to hanoi tomorrow.. still not sure where we’ll be going from there!

  8. haven’t really seen much here that’s expensive yet! vietnam is cheap! 😉

  9. dude, heroes is so good!! addictive too! now i’m gonna end up spending time by watchig tv instead of going out.. doh!

  10. yeah? ok, i’ll be sure to go to hoi an. and probably cat ba as well. we’re flying to hanoi tomorrow and slowly going south from there. did you visit the far north at all? is it worth spending a few days going to sapa etc?

  11. dude, it’s hella good!! watched two episodes so far.i’m crazy jet-lagged, getting sleepy by like 8pm. possibly i might just end up watching an episode of heroes tonight and crashing out unless i can soemhow forec myself to wake up and go check out a bar…

  12. Dood… Get your lazy jet lagged ass out of bed and go check out a bar…

  13. I started watching because of you and Yan. This show is soooo creepy!!!

    Write more about vietnam though!!!
    miss you guys already 🙁

  14. Glad you made it! Have a great time and look forward to your explicit details of Vietnam and great pictures.

  15. i’ve takenm some photos so far… but not as many as i should have. i’ll try to post them soon!

  16. My trip inVietnam was from China to SaPa, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, HCM City and a trip through the delta. I also went to the city where there’s a ton of tailors but I can’t remember the name! It’s south of Hue and Danang. I had my best food there.

    SaPa was beautiful and quite cool when I was there in November. If you like hill tribes of SE Asia check it out. I liked the North more than the south… I had a lot of trouble and run-ins with irrate moto drivers and insane stalking atack pigeons in Saigon.

  17. btw, i never made it to the north but apparently the hill tribes are pretty dope (similar to laos). so how’s crossing the streets? pretty crazy, eh?!

  18. You almost have to just close your eyes and have faith that everyone will swerve around you. My cousin, who doesn’t travel, met me in Hanoi and freaked out. I was used to it and didn’t realize at first that I was pulling him into the oncoming traffice of like 50 motorcycles on his first morning in Vietnam.

  19. Hey Vlad,
    Caryn’s site is down. Would you mind letting her know.
    Many thanks.

  20. yeah, we just realized that. so annoying!! she just emailed tech support…

  21. yeah, it’s all about having faith in the system and having no fear… leave it all up to them.

  22. just got back from sapa.. it was great!! although.. i did get super ill from something i ate there.. ugh!

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