i’ve always hated the saying “what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger”. for some reason it’s always just seemed like a bunch of bullshit to me. taken in the literal physical sense, the saying is pretty much just dead wrong. someone who loses a limb in a car accident, or suffers a horrible debilitating disease will hardly be made stronger by their suffering. but, the saying really isn’t often used for physical problems, instead it’s mainly used regarding random emotional issues like break-ups w/ lovers or being fired from your job. but the thing is, even then, it’s really so often not the case. emotions and feeling are fragile, and crumble easily… they dont always get bolstered up by enduring hardships. a person robbed in an alley will forever be paranoid, an emotionally abused child may never be quite right again, the person once bitten will forever be twice shy.

i look around at people and sometimes they just seems so fragile and delicate… more and more bent and perforated by life as they go along, banged up by things that dont kill them, but sure as hell dont make them stronger. maybe the quote just depends on the person i guess. one can take hardships and use them for strength while others can endure the same hardships and they will only make them weaker. it’s weird, i’ve always been the kind of person who makes the best of things. even the worst situations for me end up not seeming so bad. i often wonder how i turned out like that. is it because my life has been relatively easy? pretty much every negative thing in my life has turned out ok, so maybe it’s just engrained in my mind that things eventually fix themselves. or maybe is it the other way around, has everything in my life turned out ok *because* of a positive attitude?

hrm. i really dont know where i was going with this….


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