one more step

47 days left till my trip. wow. i can’t believe it’s so close!

there’s so many different little steps that i have to take care of and check off before i go. buying insurance, researching hostels, getting my passport, etc etc. well, i finally took care of another big step yesterday… it’s one that i’ve been dreading and anticipating for a while now. i finally told my work that i’m leaving. it was difficult to decide on how much notice to give. on one hand, i didnt want to tell them too early in case they decided to get rid of me before my departure date, but on the other hand i wanted to give them plenty of warning so they could hire a replacement.

well, i told them yesterday, and everything went really well. they were all really cool about it. everyone i talked to said that they totally understood why i want to do this and were really excited for me. so that’s it. another major hurdle has been passed. yikes, the next month is gonna be soooo busy trying to get all the last minutes tuff done and moving.


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  1. Vlad, Amy here from RTWers. I’m leaving just four days before you, but headed the opposite direction! Looks like we may both be in SE Asia next March. I’m headed to Peru and Chile first, so let me know if you need any advice for next summer. Good luck on all the last minute stuff–I’m pretty stressed out right now myself…

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