i’ve needed a new watch for while now. my old one broke, and yet i continued to wear it for like a month after that. i kept checking the time on it, forgetting that it was broken, and each time thinking “dammit, i need to get rid of this thing!”. well, i finally got a new one… and i’m not sure if i like it. it was a really tough call on what to get. i’ve worn nothing but Swatches ever since like 1990, but none of the Swatches out now really excited me. i didnt want a metal watch. i couldn’t buy watches w/ leather straps since i’ll be tromping through the rain a lot on my trip. so it was a really tough call, but i found a watch online that looked ok, i ordered it… and it’s *huge*. fucking enormous. it’s a dive watch so i can use it while scuba diving which is cool, but i didnt expect it to be so damn big!! i’ve had it for like 3 days now, and i’m still trying to decide if i like it or not. so tough to decide…


big ass watch

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  1. here’s the watch, but the image doesn’t really tell you the size of it!

    dammit, i guess i cant include images in comments. i’ll put the image in the original post.

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