long days continued…

sheez, our days are so packed that these posts get really long! anyways, the next thing we did was to go to check out the London Eye. this is basically this *ginormous* bicycle wheel looking thing that is a ferris wheel. this thing is 433 feet high!! attached to the wheel are these pods that hold about 25 people. you can buy a ticket and it takes about a half an hour to make a full circle on this thing. i’m really not sure why i decided to go on this thing since i am deathly afraid of heights. as soon as i got in i started getting super nervous. ugh! in the end, i was glad i did it though. from that high up (1.5 football fields!), you get some incredible views of london!

after the London Eye, we ran into some touts trying to get us to go to the saatchi gallery. usually we try to avoid anyone trying to sell us anything, but when they showed us pictures of some of the art inside, we decided to check it out. we were *so* glad that we did. this gallery was absolutely incredible. it was all really modern art (last decade) and blew the tate modern art museum away. they had some art pieces that were so crazy and intense. for instance: this guy had a whole real shark in formaldahyde suspended in a cube. there was a room where the whole room was filled waist-height w/ used engine oil. you walk through a notch cut in the center of the room and the whole room is reflected mirror image because of the oil. there was a huge 7 foot tall aquarium that was made to look like a cubicle w/ an office desk, computer and chair, but there were fish swimming around inside. basically, everything we saw there was totally cutting edge.

by the time we left the gallery, we were exhausted. our feet were totally killing us. we’ve done soooo much walking here that it’s ridiculous. my feet will never be the same. we were also feeling super sleepy, so we took a nap as well.

got up later since it was friday night and we were absolutely determined to check out some nightlife. we decided to eat on the cheap so we just got some small sandwiches and a coffee. guess how much that cost?? about 30$ for the 3 of us. can you believe it?? ouch!! everything here is sooooo expensive. we haven’t even been able to stick to our budget of 175$ per day for the two of us which is crazy seeing as a lot of countries we’ll be going to, we’re budgeting 50$ per day for the two of us!!

anyways, we ended up going to this really cool club called “the end club”. they were playing breakbeat and the music was really good all night. it was definitely fun to finally get out and party and stuff. i kinda felt like i was in a scene from Human Traffic or something. clubs here dont start until around 11pm, and this place was still going strong when we left after 3am. i wanted to stay later but we were all just sooo tired!! did i mention that the bottled beers were over 6$??

after the club we had trouble finding a taxi to get back home. luckily there was a guy on a bike rickshaw that pedalled all three of us back to our hostel. i can’t believe this one little guy was able to pull us all. we finally got back to our hostel around 4am to find some backpacker completely passed out on the ground in front of the hostel w/ his drunk american friends yelling and taking photos of themselves poking his butt. nice. heh.

sheez, what a long long day….


3 thoughts on “long days continued…”

  1. wow, i will have to check out that gallery… when i was at the london eye the same thing happened to me, they even offered me a free t-shirt if i went, but i had plans to meet someone for lunch and didn’t have time…

    gotta love how freaking expensive that city is for sure…

    drinks are expensive in clubs because most people aren’t drinking… its actually cheaper to take e at a club in london than it is to have a couple of drinks usually…

    glad you guys are having fun!

  2. Sounds awsome! yeah the end club is famous I have some recordings from people like Ed Rush & Optical live at the end. By the way the site is looking good.

  3. thanks! dude, too bad you’re not coming out to spain w/ everyone! it’s gonna be crazy!!

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