back in london


it’s been a few days since i last posted, but i’ll just pick up where i left off.

after writing my other post, we hopped on the train to go back to london. we needed to stay in the uk for one more day until we flew to paris, and we decided that we’d stay at a new place instead of going back to the piccadilly backpacker hostel. our new place was in a less hectic part of town, and though it may not have been as central and exciting, it had it’s own more mellow charm. plus, it was half the price of the last place, so that was nice!

after our usual fish and chips dinner (sheez, how many times have i eaten that in the last week?), we went to wander around kensington gardens, a huge park w/ it’s own small lake. one of the cool things in the park was the lady Di memorial fountain which was this long eliptical never ending modern artsy fountain, and a modern art gallery called the serpentine gallery. the gallery happened to have this *dope* exhibit by Glenn Brown. he has this really unique style where he very meticulously draws paintings that seem like they have huge gloppy brushstrokes, but really are very finely drawn.

as we were walking away from the gallery, we stopped to check out this display by it. this group of people had devised all these interactive projects for people who visit the park… for example they had these little hoops w/ nuts next to them so you could train the squirrels to jump through hoops, or little garden trowels so you could help the park by pulling weeds etc… all of the things were kinda funny, and then in the end, the woman poured two glasses of water, put them in this cardboard smiley face, and told us that we were to go out and find someone to give the water to and start a conversation w/ them. doh!! so, now caryn has these two cups of water and we’re walking around the park asking if anyone wants some. i dunno, if some stranger came up to me and offered me water in a park from an open container, i’d say hell no! but finally, we found these 2 people to take some water and by random chance, they were russians who were living in israel, and i chatted w/ them in russian. how random!

oh yeah, on other thing i wanted to mention about london. it’s really really big on fashion. everyone dresses really nice and very stylish. walking around and staring into all the cool shops, i really started wanting to buy a ton of clothes. of course, i can’t really afford to buy a bunch of clothes right now, plus even if i could afford it, i dont really have any more room in my pack for clothes… *sigh*. oh, and one more random thing about the UK, is that they have a dessert called the Spotted Dick. i dont know about you, but that really doesn’t sound appetizing to me!


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