on to france


today we woke up and went to fly to france from luton airport. luton is the SJC of san francisco. hella far out from the city and a bit of a pain to get to. oh well. after a brief flight (where you had to pay for even soft drinks), we landed in paris. we spent the next several hours taking a shuttle into town, and arrived eventually at my aunt’s apartment which she was kind enough to let us stay in.

oh man… this place is *dope*. no, not just dope, but really really dope. it’s on the tenth floor of an apartment building and two of it’s wall have a huge sweeping view of the city. not only that, but that view just happens to be pointed straight at the eiffel tower!! seriously, this view is so nice, the photos i have really dont do it justice.

not only is the view nice, but just having an apartment is really cool. it’s really nice to not be staying in a hostel, and it’s really fun to have our own place that’s not shared by people. this apartment is really cozy, and after eating at a local cafe, we spent the rest of the night just hanging out in the apartment, checking out the sunset, looking at the eiffel tower, and enjoying the champagne my aunt gave me w/ a fresh baguette from the local boulangerie.

i’m really excited to be in a new non-english speaking country. there’s something excitting about being surrounded by people speaking a different language, and i love the confusion and adventure of trying to communicate w/ people. i took some french in high school, but hardly remember any of it, so it’s definitely a challenge to speak w/ people, but i actually really really enjoy that part.


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