4 thoughts on “pictures from Vis”

  1. Your photos of Vis are very lovely. I found the following through google: Croatia’s de-mining efforts continue. In 2002 alone, de-miners found and destroyed more than 100,000 of the weapons and related explosives. But finishing the job won’t be easy: The government recently estimated that it could cost more than $500 million, and take nearly a decade. De-miners were able to make the Plitvice region safe for visitors once more. But they still warn local residents and visitors to be careful, since mines and unexplored ordinance can show up in unexpected places. Take Care

  2. um in that one photo of yourself, you look like a mutant little kid 🙂

  3. yeah, i read aboutt hat in my guidebook too. that’s in a different region though.. eastern croatia which i’m not going to!! phew!!!

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