travel hell

the last two days have been utter hell. i’ve had to do sooo much traveling, and have had so many problems!

first off, there’s only one ferry leaving Vis on saturdays… and its at 5:30am! OUCH!! so i set my alarm, but slpt through it since my earplugs were in too tight! luckily, i woke up anyways at 5:20, and running as fast as i could, i got to the ferry on time. after the 2.5 hour ferry, i got on a 3.5 hour bus to dubrovnik, a town near the south tip of croatia. dubrovnik is a really cool looking old walled city. unfortunately, due to travel plans, i only got to spend a few hours there before i had to catch the 10 hour bus back to zagreb. that makes 16 hours of travel time in just one day… but it doesnt end there.

the reason i had to go back to zagreb, was that i was trying to catch a bus from there to bulgaria. it was a 8am bus, and i got into zagreb around 6:30am. when i go to the info desk and ask the lady, she says no buses to bulgaria. WHAT!!! when i had called the bulgarian bus companies number the previous day, they assured me there would be a 8am bus today, and to call the zagreb station to confirm. i tried calling the zagreb office the day before… no answer.. so i called the mian bulgaria office again, and once again they assured me that there was indeed a bus from zagreb. so now, today, once i got told there was no bus, i tried both numbers again, and no answer. CRAP. what do i do now??

so i try another approach. i go all the way to the train station, but when i arrive there it’s pitch black. huh?? i follow people inside to find out there is a power failure and that they are running things by candlelight!! sheez. i ask at the window, and they tell me there are no trains to bulgaria either. now i’m totally screwed. i spent a jillion hours getting here, and i’m completely exhausted, and now i’m stuck!! on the off chance i can just find the actual bulgaria bus, i go back to the bus stop and end up finding this tiny office that coordinated the bulgaria buses… and its closed. when i go to the main bus info desk this time…. it turns out that this person *does* know about the bulgaria bus.. unlike the other lady who assured me it didint exist.. but, still, it doesnt run on sundays. so i’m still screwed.

so i go back to the train station, and once again, turns out that the lady who said i couldnt get to bulgaria by train was wrong. the lady i talk to this time says i can take a 6 hour train to belgrade and then take the 11pm train tonight for 11 hours to bulgaria. thatll make 33 hours of travel in two days… but what other choice do i have?? so i buy the ticket and get on the train.

at the boder to serbia, a police man comes by to check passports. he asks me something in serbian like 7 time.. and i keep saying i dont speak serbian. finally he says “passport!” in english. ohhhhhh. so i hand him my passport. he sees that i am american and he says (in serbian) “ohhhh an american!” and then laughs and turns to the other passengers and says something inulting about america. the thing is, a lot of serbian words are very similar to russian… so i could undertand what he said. i couldnt believe he was talking shit about me. then he sees that i was born in russia from my passport, and goes “oh, you russian! why does a russian not understand serbian??” and i explain that i only lived there for 3 years. so, my passport has a big crease across the whole thing from being bent ni my money belt. he looks at it, and says “see, look what you have done to your eagle” and when i shrug, he continues w/ “from my point of view, it doesnt deserve aything more”. i was so shocked. i couldnt believe it, and i had no clue how to respond. i really wanted to say, that he has no room to talk looking at the recent history of his own country… but i wasnt about to start shit w/ a cop from another country. he then continued “dont you agree?” and wheni shook my head, he says “oh well, you’re just young”.. and walks away.

i swear… i was so shooken up. i really hadnt been expecting anything like that at all. how rude is that???!

so anyways, eventually i finally made it to belgrade. it was near impossible to find an internet place,a d spent literally 2.5 hours searching. well, it’s now time for me to take my train ride outta here and go to bulgaria.

hope everyone is having a good halloween back home.


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  1. yeah, it was hard not to say anything back… but hell, these people could probably throw me in jail w/out cause!!

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