ok, so maybe we’re not *actually* in russia… but we’re here in bulgaria and n so many ways, it’s extremely similar. first off, the language is very similar. if i talk to people in russian, the often will more or less understand what i’m telling them. it’s interesting how similar a lot of the languages are around here. first off, croatian, serbian and bulgarian are extremely similar. it looks like people from any of those countries can understand each other, but not exactly perfectly. out of the three, bulgarian is similar to the other two, but kind of leaning towards russian. also, a lot of people here actually speak russian, so i’ve been using my russian a lot! who knew that my russian would come in useful outside of russia? also, other than the language (and the fact that everything is written in cyrillic), this place just has a russian kind of vibe to it. i’ve really been enjoying that.

yesterday, i got into sophia, the capital of bulgaria, and after traveling like crazy for 2 days straight, i was really excited to have a place to just chill for a while. i rented an apt from this nice bulgarian lady and then waited for caryn to get into town. there was some craziness trying to find each other since the original plan was to stay at this other apartment which fell through… but eventually, finally caryn’s taxi pulled up! it was so cool to be reunited! dont get me wrong, traveling on my own was hella fun and i had a really good time, but i was hellza psyched to see caryn again.

we’re both pretty exhausted from all the buses and trains, so we’re just gonna take it easy for a couple of days before we head on to turkey. heh, today we went out to chinese food which was actually really good and pretty similar to the chinese food we have back home. chinese is one of my favorite foods, and i was really craving it.

tonight we plan to wake up around 3 or 4 am so we can watch the lection coverage on our tiny little tv. to our surprise, the tv actually gets cnn in english, so we’ll be able to understand it. i guess we’ll see what happens…


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