last night, after wandering around sofia, we decided to buy a bunch of snacks, beers, red bull etc, so that we could wake up at 4am and watch the presidential election. i’ve been reading newsweek and time for a bit now and was getting more and more worried about bush’s lead in the polls. well, unfortunately, all my fears came true. when i sat down, tired and bleary eyed, in front of the tv, it was already pretty clear that kerry wasn’t going to win. the map of the us was practically bursting w/ red colored states. unbelievable. i am just shocked that he was elected again after the totally horrible way that he ran this country for the last 4 years. clinton lied about monica, and the whole country shat themselves for the next year. bush lied about weapons of mass destruction, sending our country to war… but hey, that’s not as important right? *sigh*

anyways, after watching all this on tv, we checked out of our apt, and spent some more time checking out sofia. there’s some pretty cool stuff downtown… a bunch of really old churches, an old mosque and even a synagogue. we ate at this bulgarian reastaurant and were totally psyched as to how cheap it was!! our meal cost only like 5$ for both of us together, and that was for a soup, salad, 2 main courses and a 22 ounce beer. shweet!! all of the food was really good too. it was pretty funny, 2 of the dishes we ate were *exactly* like dishes that my mom used to make when we were kids. i began to wonder if my mom was hiding in the kitchen, and cooking up a storm! it definitely made me nostalgic for back home.

so, tonight we take a bus to istanbul and we’ll be spending roughly two weeks in turkey. i’m pretty excited to once again be going to somewhere that’s extremely different from back home. i definitely enjoy traveling around europe etc, but i am much more excited by the more exotic and different places.


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  1. one was peppers stuffed w/ a mıxture of rıce and ground meat w/sauce, and the other was a stew type dish w/ large hunks of meat and potatoes.

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