Bar#30 – The Cinch

the big foot lounge was full as usual, so we ended up trying out the random bar that we found across the street. it wasn’t till all of us were inside and waiting for our drinks that we realized that it was a gay bar. oh well, no big deal right? so we get our beverages and take a look around while we drink them. it was only then that we noticed the painting. there’s a painting up on the wall of… a lion having sex with a man. yes, you heard that right… there is a painting of a man laying down w/ a lion mounting him doggystyle (lionstyle?). now, anything that two men (or lions) do together in the privacy of their own home is fine by me, but i gotta say that a painting featuring cross-species intercourse is pretty bizarre.

The Cinch is at 1723 Polk Street in San Francisco

4 thoughts on “Bar#30 – The Cinch”

  1. Did you make it to the bathroom? There is a trough (not the weird part) with an downward-angled mirror at eye level (that’s it).

  2. Ugh… I went to the bathroom, there were other guys using the trough at the same time as me… I didn’t notice the mirror, though… I only noticed the really full trough…

    Also, I want the painting… Not sure what I’d do with it, but I want it…

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