Bar#31 – the Tonga Room

from everything that i had read about this place and how cheesy it was, i somehow expected it to be really run down. i pictured it to be like a old battered reno casino, with grumpy frumpy old waitresses, a falling apart stage, and dirty floors. but i forgot to take into account that it’s in the Fairmont. so, we walk inside (all 20 of us) and realize that this place is actually a bit fancy, and we’re a bit under-dressed. hrm. this place is definitely kind of kitchy, but kitchy in an extravagant kind of way. it turns out that we have to pay if we want to sit at a table, so we just opt to drink at the bar. or at least try to drink at the bar. after 30 minutes of waiting, we still havent been able to order. finally, we give up… it just isn’t worth it. yeah, yeah, we never got to see the band float out or the fake rainstorms, but i somehow think that i’ll get over missing that stuff.

The Tonga Room is at 950 Mason Street in San Francisco

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