Killer Joe

Last night I went to go see the play Killer Joe. I’ve wanted to go see it for quite a while now, but was kind of worried as to whether it would be any good. It’s always so hard to choose plays to go to. I usually like to go to plays that are a bit out there, and different than your usual run of the mill theater production, and usually the reviews for these kinds of plays are really mixed. On, some people said they totally loved killer Joe, while others said they were absolutely revolted by the play and that it was pure crap.

Well, in the end, I didn’t have any need to be worried. The play was super good. It’s about a white trash family who lives in a trailer park and hires a hit man to kill someone for the insurance money. To begin with, before the play even started, the set itself was wonderful and really did a great job of setting the mood of a grimey hopeless trailer park home. The actors were also really good and played roles that were pretty out there and probably difficult to play.

The play itself was really really intense. A lot of the things that happen in the play, and a lot of the topics touched upon were just ridiculously depressing. One scene especially was just excruciatingly painful and intensely emotional… to the point where I actually was expecting audience members to leave. Yet at the same time, a lot of the play was hysterically funny. You don’t often see plays that are like this. Most plays/movies are either a comedy with everything trying to be funny all the time, or a drama with a much more serious note, but this one was a really interesting blend of the two and kept your emotions flip-flopping back and forth. Just when you were laughing like crazy, the play would take a turn and take you back to a more depressing reality. Heh, I guess that’s the thing about rednecks, on one hand, they’re easy to laugh at, but if you really stop to think about it, their lives are really really sad.

Something that struck me last night that I hadn’t really thought about before is just how much harder a play can hit you than a movie. I think if we had seen the exact same show, but on a screen, it would have been so much less intense. Watching something on TV or in a movie theater, you’re always somewhat removed from everything that’s happening, no matter how realistic it is. but when it’s a play, and everything is happening to people who are literally right there in front of you, it really adds to the emotional charge and even though it’s just acting, it all seems so real cause it’s *right there*. And when a play is as intensely emotional as this one, and you’re seeing it up close in a *small* theater, with a realistic looking set, it really gets you.

anyways, if you want to see a really good play check out Killer Joe… but be careful, it’s really not for those who are fain of heart.



what the hell is up w/ recurring dreams? i dont really have the same dream over and over, but i definitely have several themes that happen again and again..

1. not graduating- i’ve had tons and tons of dreams where i’m still in either highschool or college and am really messing up in my classes so bad that i’m not gonna be able to graduate. i’ll usually spend the whole dream totally freaking out about what i’m gonna do if i can’t actually pull through school, and yet making millions of mistakes over and over that make it more and more inevitable that i wont actually graduate. there’s also the variation where it’s already a few years after college, and i’m trying to figure out how to go back to college since i didnt graduate. these kinds of dreams have happened so many times and are so realistic that very often now, even when i’m awake, i’ll wonder to myself “wait, did i actually graduate? or not?”.

2. teeth – even more often, i’ll have dreams where i have a loose tooth. it SUCKS. i’ll spend the whole dream worrying and freeaking out that my tooth is eventually gonna fall out and i’m gonna spend my whole life with a big gap in my mouth. every time i close my mouth, i’ll feel the loose tooth and keep hoping that maybe, just somehow, it will stay in. but it falls out in the end. it always does. in an even worse variation of this dream that i had recently, i somehow smashed my teeth up, and as the dream went on, more and more of my teeth slowly disintegrated into gravel in my mouth.

3. hand eye coordination – the most common theme in my dreams though, is not having any kind of hand eye coordination. i will try to do the same physical task over and over and over, but even though it’s just a simple movement, i wont be able to do it right. for instance i’ll be parking my car, and i just cant gas or break correctly and i keep crashing over and over. or i try over and over to push something that’s in my way, but my hand keeps missing the thing completely even though it’s just a foot in front of me. or i’m trying to walk and yet keep tripping on my own feet.

none of these dreams is pleasant. not quite nightmares or anything that bad (though i do have plenty of those too), but just really disconcerting. all of these 3 types of dreams are filled with being worried the whole time and a feeling of not being in control. is this supposed to be some kind of reflection on my life?


the not so bright side of SF

i’ve already written about how much i’m psyched on my new neighborhood with its great weather and central location. but, unfortunately, there is a downside to living there. behing my apartment, there is a tiny street called Rose. it somehow attracts homeless people from miles around. i’m seriously sometimes surprised at just how many different homeless people hang out in my neighborhood. anytime i come and go from my place, i’ll get asked for money a bunch of times. often times i have to ask people to move from my doorstep, and sometimes these people are passing crack around to their friends.

now, i dont actually have a problem with the homeless people per se. i know that they’re just looking for a place to sleep and live (and smoke crack). the problem is that because there are so many of them, Rose St is absolutely filthy. it smells like someone dropped a hundred gallons of piss on it, and just let it steam in the sun. when people walk by, they actually cover their faces with their hands because of the foul smell. and dont even get me started about the foot high mound of human shit i saw the other day. ugh.

then, to top it all off, caryn’s car got broken into this weekend. i really cant understand why someone would choose her car to break into. it’s an dirty 10 year old honda. it’s not like it’s a nice car. yet, someone picked it out to break it’s rear window and then steal her subwoofer, a $300 tent, and a bunch of clothes. yeah… fucked up.

i have to wonder if it was just some random hood that came by and did it, or if maybe one of the street people who always hang out in the alley did it. i always see the streetpeople carrying around random ass stuff… whole shopping carts full of it. i always assumed they just got that stuff from dumpsters… but who knows? what would i do if i came home one day and saw a homeless dude w/ caryn’s tent… or wearing her clothes?

*sigh* i guess this kind of shit happens everywhere all over SF, and even in the burbs. cars get broken into all the time all over the place. still, i cant help but be suspicious that whoever did it may be someone who i see evry damn day and i just dont know it…


some random stuff from the last 3 weeks

moving in

on june 23rd, i finally drove up to pick up the keys to my new home. i was way excited to be living in SF again. unfortunately, most of our stuff was still in storage, so we lived here with nothing but an air matress for a while, but we’ve been slowly getting this place together. we’ve bought a couch, had cable/internet hooked up, and had movers deliver our stuff out of storage. living here has been great. i totally love the neighborhood.. it’s been so nice to have everything within walking distance. trying to park in the garage on the other hand, has been a nightmare. i scraped my car every single time i parked in it 4 or 5 times in a row. i finally got the hang of it though.

Fur Coats

Kevin, Jason, and Trent’s band, the Fur Coats played at erica’s house. they were hella good.

here are some more photos of the Fur Coats.


i’ve been going to trivia nights every monday at the blackthorne tavern. it’s pretty cool to consistantly have something to look forward to on monday nights. usually, going back to work after a weekend hella sucks, but at least this way, monday is little less sucky.

Rave at DNA Lounge

there was a party at the DNA lounge where they had all old school djs like dj dan, carlos, dutch, jeno, etc play records from 1994. for the most part, the music was phenomenal. it was really a crazy feeling hearing all those old tracks again. also, they showed old flyers as visuals, and i recognized practically almost all of them. it’s so weird to think how seriously into raving i used to be and for how long i did it for. sometimes, i definitely feel nostalgic for those good old days.

4th of july

the night of 4th of july, we went out for drinks at gordon biersch on the embarcadero. unfortunately, we didnt get ready to go check out the fireworks until it was way too late. we spent the whole fireworks show walking to where the show was only to get there just as the finale happened. doh!


i finally bought a laptop. the desktop i’ve been using is hellza old and is pathetically slow. it’s nice to finally have a new computer and it’s also really nice to be ab le to take my compter wherever i want. the other day i spent the day working from a cafe in the Mission instead of from home. so nice!

World Cup Finals

the other day i went to Dolores park to watch the finals that they showed on a huge 13 by 9 foot screen. i’ve never really been into sports, and didnt actually watch most of the world cup, but it was really cool to watch the finals with almost 10,000 other people. every time anything exciting would happen, the crowd would go totally crazy and it was just a really fun atmosphere. randomly enough, it turned out that this whole event was put on by Peter who used to be yan’s roommate. he’s from germany where the worldcup is shown on screens all over the place and when he found out that there wasn’t any place to watch it here in SF, he decided to take matters into his own hands. so, he got together $17,000 (half of which he got from the german consulate) and rented a screen, got together djs (for breaks during the game), and set up this dope event that a huge amount of people came to. i really just couldnt believe just how many people were there. way cool.


June 18th

my dad’s birthday is on june 18th and so it’s always just a few days away form being on father’s day. this year, both were on the same day. my brother and i got my dad a Razr cellphone which he was really excited about. my dad can be pretty hard to shop for and we never really know what he might want, so it was cool to see that he really enjoyed our gift and spent the day trying to figure out how to use the various features and taking pictures of stuff.

we went to the flower conservatory in golden gate park which was pretty cool. so many crazy different kinds of plants. this one species of flower actually really looked like some kind of alien space creature. i haven’t really taken many photos recently, so i snapped a bunch while i was there.

Here are the rest of my flower conservatory photos.

after the park, we checked out Canvas cafe which my mom was totally blown away by. they have this really cool art exhibit there now where someone hung 20,000 pieces of orange paper from the ceiling and it looks like you are fully being showered by tons of autumn leaves. really cool. i showed my new apartment to my parents from the outside, and was really tempted to go inside (the door is unlocked), but decided i didnt want the landlord to start hating me before i even moved in.

after driving back to the southbay, we went out to a dinner at Scott’s seafood restaurant which was pretty mediocre. here’s a photo of my dad and uncle weraing some really dorky bibs!


San Francisco!!

It’s amazing how time flies. when i first returned from my trip, i planned to moved up to san francisco as soon as i started earning some money. it seems like that was just a little while ago, but i finally realized that i’ve been back for a little over 6 months now. it was time to finally get a move on.

Caryn and i started looking through craigslist for a place in SF. choosing a place wasn’t easy. i was very picky about what neighborhood we’d be living in. i wanted to live in a neighborhood that was fun and where i would have reastaurants, bars, and excitement right outside my front door. i wanted to feel like i was living right in the middle of the city, and not just be surrounded by residential housing. Pretty much, i was limiting my search to the Mission, Hayes Valley, and the panhandle.

getting a good place in one of these areas wasn’t easy. houses pretty much came in one of two flavors: expensive or craphole. then there was the tiny handful of places that were within our budget and were actually nice looking. each time we showed up to one of these, there would be like 30 other people waiting to see them. apparently everybody likes to move during the summer, and competition was fierce. one landlord we talked to said he got *50* calls the very first day that he put his ad on craigslist. another told us that his phone has been ringing off the hook for a week straight with enquiries. we talked to this one girl who was also looking for a place to live… she had already been looking for 5 weeks with no success. she had even tried to bribe one landlord by offering to pay $200 more per month for a place, but was still turned down. wow. so this was what we were competing against. was that why we had been turned down for each place that we applied at?? were we supposed to be bribing people?? ugh.

so, things were looking grim. would we be able to find a place we liked? would we ever be able to park our cars again? how could we compete againgst all the others? would the landlords be ok with our very mediocre credit scores? after 3 weeks of this, i was getting more and more discouraged.

and then, finally, we got a place! after discussing the many negative marks on my credit report, the landlord finally said yes. i am finally gonna move up to SF. SWEET!! i am so fucking excited! the place is on the corner of Gough and Market, which is pretty much exactly where i wanted to end up. just 5 blocks from the Mission and 5 blocks from Hayes vlalley (it’s in a new neighborhood called DecoGhetto by some). it’s super central, and also just a block away from the freeway which will make our commutes much nicer. it’s a tiny one bedroom place in an apartment building, but it has hardwood floors, lots of tall windows, and looks really nice on the inside. i dont know how we’ll fit everything in this place, but i love it anyways. not only that, but for a little bit extra, we’re getting 2 parking spots inside the building.

so, now i’m just counting down the days to move in. our official move-in date is july 1st, but if the place is ready before then, we might move earlier. it’s been almost 2 years since i’ve lived in SF… and now i’m finally coming home!


Comcast Customer Service Sucks

Comcast is seriously pissing me off. their customer service is absolute crap. ugh.

week 1

  • last week, received note on door informing me of “signal leak” and saying to schedule appt immediately.
  • until “leak” is fixed, Comcast decides to turn down my signal, making reception look like crap
  • the appt is scheduled for a 4 hour window so i spend 4 hours sitting around waiting
  • cable guy never shows. now that i’ve been waiting for *5* hours, i call them to complain
  • they give me $20 credit and call the guy to come down
  • 2 cable guys wander around with little sensors for 45 minutes while scratching their heads and looking confused
  • finally, they give up. “maybe it’s your neighbor who has the leak?”

all in all, i wasted almost 6 hours of my day for absolutely nothing.

week 2

  • all of a sudden, reception goes to crap again
  • appt is scheduled for 2 hour window
  • wait around for 2 hours. nobody arrives
  • call to complain. woman tells me that the guy is running late and “should have called”
  • i ask for credit, and she says i have to call billing dept later for that
  • guy shows up later, fixes problem.
  • when i ask him why he is late, he says “i should have called”. when asked why he didnt call, he says “these things happen”.
  • call billing dept for credit. put on hold for 15 minutes. they hang up on me
  • call billing dept again. woman tells me that i should have gotten credit from the person i talked to earlier. she insists that billing dept can *not* issue a credit no matter what
  • i insist that it was their own employees that told me to call billing dept, but she rudely keeps blowing me off.
  • finally, she agrees to transfer me. transfers me to a number that is disconnected
  • call billing dept a third time. the guy is highly unpleasant, but agrees to give credit without argument.

ugh. such a pain dealing with these people. why bother setting a huge 4 hour window for an appointment and then not even bothering to come? why do i have to fight tooth and nail and call 4 times just to get my credit?


caryn’s birthday

on April 15th, while most people were frantically trying to finish up their taxes, caryn turned 30.

the present

i wanted to get her something really cool for her 30th bday, and i hadn’t ever gotten her jewelry, so i decided to get her some. it was a crazy hard decision seeing as she doesn’t usually wear jewelry, so i had no idea what style she would like. i finally settled on this silver and blue topaz bracelet. after buying it, i got really worried that she wouldn’t be into it, but she ended up really liking it a lot. unfortunately, it somehow mysteriously broke the very next day after i gave it to her… but then we got it fixed.

the wineries

i thought caryn should do something fun that she’s never before done on her birthday, so i suggested going wine tasting in Napa. we gathered a group of 7 people and hired a limo to take us around. it was so damn fun. the limo picked us up in SF and we spent the day driving around, drinking champagne in the limo, eating bread/cheese, and having a good time. man, limos are so fun!! we ended up going to 4 wineries: Madonna Estate, Robert Mondavi, Peju, and Mumm. at Mondavi we got a tour of the winery where they explained how grapes are grown, how wine is made and stored, etc. i thought it was pretty interesting. tasting wine at all the different places was a lot of fun. i dont really know much about wine, so it was cool to try such a wide variety of different kinds.




the dinner

on the day of her bday, we went out to some random Italian place with some friends, but i also wanted to take caryn out for a special dinner myself. that following Tuesday, we went to a restaurant called La Foret. it was a small place a bit south of san jose, kind of out there. the place was really fancy, not as fancy as Gary Danko of course, but still really nice. this place was i guess a bit more rustic compared to Gary Danko’s very modern feel. the food was really really good. i had excellent beef w/ chanterelles and caryn had some really good buffalo. wow, it’s so nice trying all these really fancy restaurants!


moustache party!

after 3 weeks of hard work growing a respectable moustache, the day of the moustache party arrived. in the morning i shaved the beard part and was left with a full on handlebar moustache. now i really looked like i crawled out of a trailer home. perfect! i spent the day sporting my heinous new look in public. later on, i met up with natasha who, at 7 pm, still hadn’t bought a fake moustache (nor grown one). we frantically raced to the moustache supply store after convincing the girl who worked there to sell us a moustache after store hours. the next stop was Bev-Mo where natasha convinced the door guy to let her buy champagne after store hours. we were on a roll. after pouring champagne into a bunch of small empty water bottles (classy!), we set off for the party.

the party was hella cool. erica had rented out a private room upstairs at Butter. it was so damn hilarious to see all of these people with moustaches. surprisingly, a lot of people actually put some effort into going with the theme. a bunch of the girls wore fake moustaches, and a fair amount of guys actually had grown some really awful looking moustaches. erica had a bunch of drink tickets that she gave out which we could use at our private bar upstairs. a drink ticket was good for any kind of drink, so plenty of top shelf drinks and long island ice teas were ordered. as the night went on, and more and more drink tickets were used, things get a bit fuzzy, but somehow we ended up at some shop across the street, and then somehow ended up on the roof of the aforementioned shop, and then back out on the streets. what a random and hilarious night…

i won 20$ for all my hard moustache growing work

oh yeah! moustaches!

trent’s moustache was very distinguished

colleen and Erica’s girly moustaches

even natasha had a moustache (for 5 minutes)

oh yeah! 3 weeks worth of moustache!

moustaches are shocking


yes, we are major dorks (w/moustaches)

I somehow managed to take over 200 photos that night! you can click here to see all of the moustache party photos.