one more step

47 days left till my trip. wow. i can’t believe it’s so close!

there’s so many different little steps that i have to take care of and check off before i go. buying insurance, researching hostels, getting my passport, etc etc. well, i finally took care of another big step yesterday… it’s one that i’ve been dreading and anticipating for a while now. i finally told my work that i’m leaving. it was difficult to decide on how much notice to give. on one hand, i didnt want to tell them too early in case they decided to get rid of me before my departure date, but on the other hand i wanted to give them plenty of warning so they could hire a replacement.

well, i told them yesterday, and everything went really well. they were all really cool about it. everyone i talked to said that they totally understood why i want to do this and were really excited for me. so that’s it. another major hurdle has been passed. yikes, the next month is gonna be soooo busy trying to get all the last minutes tuff done and moving.



we finally did it. caryn and i bought our tickets to start our journey around the world!! september 14th at 4:30PM we take off and fly to London!! and then it’s a years worth of adventures!

fuck yeah!!! we’ve been planning this forever, and it was always definitely gonna happen… but there’s something about actually having bought the tickets that just makes it all the more real. NICE!


my new home

Whenever you go on an extended backpacking trip, your backpack is really your home.. or at least as close to a home as possible. every little thing you own, from your medicine, to your toiletries, to your clothes, to your souvenirs… basically your entire existence is all stored in about 2.2 cubic feet of space. other than your travel partner (if you have one), your backpack is the one thing that is pretty much always constant about your trip. it is practically and extension of yourself. the reference of a backpacker being like a snail that carries its home on its back is mentioned in almost every guidebook i’ve seen.

well, after doing a ton of research and visiting REI a few times, i’ve finally bought the pack that will be my home for an entire year. it was a difficult choice, but in the end, this is what i chose: Click!

It’s pretty insane to think that absolutely everything i need for a whole year will fit in that little thing. well… i sure hope i made the right decision…


RTW itinerary

Caryn and i finally sat down and planned out a rough itinerary for our RTW trip this year. i’m sure we’ll still make tons of changes to it, but it was nice to have at least sort of an idea as to where we will be going. it was so hard to choose which countries we wanted to see. the world is huge. we want to see everything…. but that’s not possible.

anyways, here’s where we will probably go:


sick again

i’m sick *again*. i just had a cold two weeks ago. it sucks!! and this time i feel even shittier than i did two weeks ago. argh.

since i have nothing of interest to write about the last few days, i may as well finally post about my trip. i keep meaning to post about it, since it is something that i think about practically every day, but i just keep never getting around to it. anyways, caryn and i are going to travel around the world. we’re leaving in the beginning of july and will be traveling for a whole year! this is definitely gonna be the adventure of a lifetime.

so far the plan is to spend about 2 months per continent for 5 continents, and then spend the remaining 2 months settling down in some foreign country and working odd jobs. we’re planning on flying from here to london, traveling around europe for a month and a half, then spending 2 weeks in russia, taking the trans-siberian express over to asia, spending 2 months in asia traveling southwest till the middle east, check out israel and egypt, then go down through africa on safari and get all the way down to south africa. we’re gonna celebrate new years there with some friends, and then fly to australia and new zealand, and then finish off with south america.

crazy eh? i can’t wait!! actually, it hella sucks knowing about this trip in advance since now i totally just am in constant anticipation and will be for the next 6 months!